Certification and Training Info

Certification and Training Info NC Chimney Sweep stamp 5392963 1920 NC Chimney Sweep Association

How To Choose A Chimney Sweep

Advice from friends and family or following a “gut feeling” are ways many people select a chimney sweep for themselves. When shopping for a chimney sweep, there is no substitute for knowledge, competence, and experience.

Feel free to ask questions of your chimney professional and be sure your sweep is certified by the North Carolina Chimney Sweep Association, carries appropriate insurance, and will provide several references upon your request.


The motto of the North Carolina Chimney Sweep Association is “Education Through Experience”. The NCCSA holds quarterly membership meetings and seminars at a variety of locations throughout the state. Training includes classroom sessions and field seminars with “hands-on training”. Additionally many of our members belong to a variety of national associations. Seminars range from codes and standards to relining and restoration. All chimney sweeps are welcome at these “hands on” training sessions! Information about our next meeting can be found at on the events page. This wealth of knowledge and experience is freely shared among all members, resulting in a more knowledgeable professional to serve you and your family

Being a certified Sweep is not a requirement to be a member of NCCSA. However, in order to maintain the highest standards, only the names and addresses of companies who are members of the NCCSA and have Certified Chimney Sweeps on staff will be furnished to inquiring customers. For a list of members click here.