Spring is in the air, and so are returning birds.

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Remember years past during the spring time, April in fact, the chimney swifts make there way here from South America to start nesting. We usually see them in this area around the middle of april with them starting the mating action that leads to nest building in unprotected chimneys.

The chimney swifts (Chaetura pelagica)are a federally protected animal meaning once they have started nesting we are not allow to mess with them till the young are hatched and can fly out of the chimney or other structure on there own.


submitted photo

IF you had birds last year, you will most likely have them this year as well. Now is the time to get on your local chimney sweeps list to have a top quality stainless steel chimney cap installed before it too late.


(Remember only a professional chimney sweep company can install the best S/S chimney caps,, not the low quality black or big box store caps. The caps we install are covered by lifetime warranty.)


Want to help chimney swift? they eat a lot of mosquito’s and other flying insects.. Learn how to put up a Swift Tower in your back yard.. here is a good place to learn more and how you can help this bird.