What about the bird in my chimney problem??

The chimney swift, a colony bird from South America, spends the summer in your chimney nesting and getting ready for the long flight back to the forests of Peru, Chile and Columbia SA. Chimney Swifts eat several times there weight in flying bugs the best know are mosquito’s. 

Being a “colony” bird they will return to the chimney of birth each year, until you do something to prevent their return. We start seeing the birds in North Carolina mid to late April staying until mid Sept and are usually gone by the first cold snap. We like to wait until the birds are gone to put out the “No Vacancy” sign better known as capping the chimney with a high quality stainless steel chimney cap. They have have up to 3 nesting a year in your chimney. The time from eggs to birds flying out is appox. 4-5 weeks. It the times between nesting we can clean and prevent them from returning.

We recommend cleaning the chimney to remove the bird debris and any flammable material that may be in the chimney area. Next step is to install a chimney cap. This will prevent birds and other animals from entering the chimney along with rain and leaves. From then on your bird and small animal problem is solved and you are the hero. So, call your local chimney sweep today to schedule your appointment.

Way the By, be sure to tell your neighbor as your birds will head for the closest uncapped chimney around. A few local Sweeps have worked their way around cul-de-sacs installing caps as the bird moved from house to house. ( We love our job!! lol)


We also try to tell clients the advantages of chimney swifts and there ability to eat flying bug mainly mosquito’s. After capping a chimney you are in effect taking away the bird nesting place. We have seen and heard of structure made of wood called “Chimney Swift Towers” that become nesting places for the birds allowing them to nest and eat bugs. The Driftwood Society has info on building the towers.